Partner with Season 3 of Southwest Stories as an advertiser/sponsor

Would your business, organization, destination, DMO, CVB, chamber of commerce, attraction, event, lodging, dining, retail (brick & mortar or online), product line, or service benefit from partnering with an upbeat, culturally-based travel show that is nationally distributed to all 360 PBS stations, syndicated for international distribution, has its own Roku channel, and is found on other digital platforms, YouTube, Vimeo, and social media?

Would you like to reach an audience of millions for one low price while supporting travel, culture, and history across the most popular travel region in the United States?

If so, please consider becoming a sponsor for Season 3 of Southwest Stories. We don't just offer advertising - we can partner with your brand in a number of ways to provide excellent value for your support.

Please see our Sponsor page for details, and feel free to contact us at for more information. Thank you.

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