Podcast Drive: Route 66, Needles to Barstow (Episode 2)

In the second episode of the new Southwest Stories podcast, Steve Brown talk with Lynne Miller, the Byway Liaison for the California Historic Route 66 Association. Lynne discusses the association's new application for the designation of the Needles to Barstow stretch of Route 66 across the Mojave Desert as a National Scenic Byway.

Steve Brown's connection with this part of Route 66 began as a child. His family was into rockhounding, and would venture into the Mojave on camping trips that found him camping in places from Wiley's Well and staying in the motel at Amboy. As an adult (we'll pretend he's grown up) he credits roadie legend Jim Conkle with developing his passion for Route 66.

"I was running The Sun Runner magazine, and Jim Conkle offered to accompany me on a road trip on Route 66 through the Mojave for a cover story for our Desert Treasures Issue. We hit the road and I had so much fun with Jim that I was hooked. Both Route 66 and Jim are desert treasures."

The stretch of Route 66 that may be designated as a National Scenic Byway is rich with natural beauty, history, and some fascinating surprises. From the beauty of the Colorado River and the mystery of the Topock Maze, to the historic Casa del Desierto Harvey House railroad station with its Route 66 Mother Road Museum and the Western American Railroad Museum in Barstow, travelers can find plenty to enjoy along this route.

Check out our Needles to Barstow

Route 66 Slideshow

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