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Fantastic show! 

We watched it on TWC Channel 9 and enjoyed it very much. Keep 'em coming.

From whimsy to informative, the show was great. 

It's the REAL desert w/Steve Brown.

Can't wait for the next episode.

I watched the show and was really impressed! Loved your music and the whole story! Great job! Will tune in every week!

Watched the show last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! Congratulations—we think you could be the next Huell Howser!

A must see.

Loved it!!!  Really enjoyed it, Dude [except for the repeated references to aphid poop while I was eating dinner!]. 


He does a good job and I’ll watch the next one!


You, as a host, are wonderful.   I hope it's going really well for you.   You must be too busy to fart. 

I loved it! What a professional, informative, and entertaining debut! I now have a new routine for my Monday nights.

!   I thought the show was both attractive and informative

AWESOME program and you are SO confident!!!

Your new show is freakin' AWESOME!!! I've learned more about my beloved desert from your show than I have in the 30+ years I've been living in it. Thanks!

Within days of seeing the show, I made reservations to dine there with my daughters on their birthday. We explored the oasis, the gardens, the lovely grounds and then dined like queens!  It was a wonderful experience and....I'm going back SOON!

Southwest Stories

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Season 3: Southwest Stories with the Two Steves

Become a Patron of Southwest Stories with the Two Steves!

Southwest Stories returns for Season 3 - with two co-hosts - journalist/historian/musician Steve Brown, and Native artist/musician Steve Rushingwind.  


Steve Brown is the show's creator, writer, co-host, and executive producer.  Steve Rushingwind is a three-time NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) winning Native flute recording artist and performer, leader of Steve Rushingwind and The Native Groove (with co-host Steve Brown on drums).


The two Steves have worked together since Season 1 when they performed together in the beautiful Indian Canyons of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians for an episode about the Agua Caliente.  Steve (Rushingwind) was the writer and performer of the Southwest Stories theme song for both Season 1 & 2.  In Season 2, Steve (Rushingwind) returned as a guest for the final episode, Where the Old West Met the New.


Our two Steves have performed together at the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater, in Indian Canyons, and most recently at Marta Becket's legendary Amargosa Opera House, in Death Valley Junction.  After a fun weekend touring around the Death Valley region with The Native Groove, the two Steves decided it was time for more adventures together around the Southwest.


With Steve Rushingwind, Southwest Stories adds a Native perspective, and more art and music, deepening our experiences and journeys throughout the Southwest.  And now, you can be part of the adventure by becoming a patron of Southwest Stories with the Two Steves, on Patreon - and get some nifty benefits while supporting the show.  Please check out our Blog and our Patreon page for more information and news.
We'll see you on the road!

Watch Episodes from Season 2:
Mondays, 6:30 p.m., March 16, 2015 - May 12, 2016 on KVCR PBS

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Bonus Video Features from Southwest Stories with Steve Brown


Co-host, writer, journalist,
historian, musician, pirate

Steve Brown's an award-winning, internationally published journalist, TV host, writer and producer, historian, desert guide, musician & songwriter, and occasionally, a pirate.  It's a long story.

The Two


of the


Saddle up and ride with los dos Steves as they explore the rich and diverse landscapes (literal and cultural) of the Southwest.  You want adventure?  You got it. Viva los dos Steves!

Other Steve

Co-host, NAMMY winning Native Flute musician, artist

Steve Rushingwind is a three-time NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) winning, internationally touring Native Flute musician and composer, workshop leader, as well as a talented visual artist.  

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