Our debut issue is coming July 2021!

The debut issue of Southwest Stories - The Magazine, is coming July 2021.  The quarterly digital magazine, coupled with our television series, podcast, YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, social media channels, and live events, adds to our storytelling capabilities for the most magnificent region on the planet!

Southwest Stories - The Magazine, will be primarily distributed through Magzter, a digital newsstand that allows us to reach more than 50 million users globally, including 15 million in North America.

The magazine, headed by our very own Steve Brown, who has worked as editor and publisher of magazines and newspapers for far too long, will be featuring some of the best writers, photographers, artists, historians, cultural preservationists, and other creatives.  The magazine has an inclusive approach as we want to include the incredibly colorful diversity of this region, so we invite interested individuals to contact us about becoming a one-time, or a regular, contributor.  If you know someone/something we should feature, please feel free to reach out, and of course, feel free to add our email address (therealdesert@southweststories.us) to your media list, or contact us with any suggestions.

We're also (of course), opening up for advertising,  For the remainder of 2021, both the Summer and the Fall issues, advertising is by donation as we begin publication (if you submit the ad ready for publication, subject to availability)  If we design the ad, there is a small fee.  Learn more about the advertising sizes, specs, and more, in our Advertising Guide flip book, below.  To submit an ad, please use the form provided on this page.

We hope you'll join us for Southwest Stories - The Magazine, beginning this July.  And, of course, please join us for Season 3 of Southwest Stories, produced for national PBS distribution, our new Southwest Stories Podcast, and find us on social media for even more fun.

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