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The Music of Southwest Stories with Steve Brown

In Southwest Stories, we put you in touch with some of the best music from musicians around the Southwest
Steve Rushingwind

The Southwest Stories theme song was written and performed by The Steve Rushingwind Project, featuring two-time Native American Music Award (NAMMY) winner, Steve Rushingwind. Steve is of Cahuilla/Opata and Mexican descent and is not only an accomplished award-winning Native American flute player and composer, but an incredible visual artist as well.

Zach Huskey

"If someone were to erect a shrine to the founders of the Desert Rock scene, an imposing Mount Rushmore-style monument, the four faces would have to be Mario Lalli, Herb Lineau, Sean Wheeler and Zach Huskey."
- Coachella Valley Weekly


 Zach Huskey is from the legendary desert rock band Dali's Llama.  But Zach also creates Primordial Blues, as well as his own unique brand of Americana.  We love it all.

Solomon King

Solomon King is an incredible bluesman.  Some folks play the blues, some folks live them, and King has done both.  He's had two Grammy nominations, and we just love his playing.  If you love the blues like we do, you've just gotta check this guy out.  Solomon's been touring the Southwest with the Chosen promoting his latest album, Train.  Oh yeah.

Duane Wind Horse Deemer

Wind Horse's Native American flute music was a perfect match for our trip into Little Petroglyph Canyon.  The Choctaw Cowboy from Nashville, Duane, is an incredible songwriter and his songs have been nominated for ISMA and NAMMY Awards, and he received the Silver Arrow Award for his contributions to Native American music.  We're honored to include his music in Southwest Stories.

Randy Godfrey & Bobby Furgo

Randy Godfrey and Bobby Furgo are two of the hi-desert's most talented and versatile musicians.  These guys have played with just about everyone, it seems, at one time or another, and it's always a treat to see them together, or with the many other talented musicians with whom they perform.

California Celts

The California Celts are a powerhouse of a party band.  Drawing from Celtic, maritime, and island music, they stir in reggae, ska, bluegrass, Mexicano, and straight-up rock.  From the hills of Yucca Valley, this band that pioneered Celtic ska music is always up for a good time.  Steve joins them onstage in the 2015 season as his pirate alter-ego, Shanghai Brown.

Jewels & Johnny Nation

Imagine two free spirits making the best of this road trip known as life, and singing the whole way.  Meet Jewels and Johnny Nation.  From Laurel Canyon to the Sunset Strip, Joshua Tree to Cabo, the couple who founded City Fritter are dynamic, in love, and just plain fun.  They can always join us for a ride (and in fact, Steve has sit in with them on drums at the Joshua Tree Saloon).

There Be Pirates!

This was Steve's band from 2005 - 2014.  With talented crew like Billy Makuta, Ellen Brenner Makuta, Kerry Rose, Tom Hegarty, Joe Ross, and Sam Sloneker sailing with him, the band performed at music and pirate festivals across southern California, and toured England twice.  They have two albums: Drink & the Devil, and Pirates in the Desert.  Steve is currently working on other music projects, including more pirate music as his alter-ego, Shanghai Brown!

Amara & Thomas Alban

Amara and Thomas Alban are the potters behind MazAmar Art Pottery in Pioneertown, featured in Southwest Stories in the 2015 season.  But their artistic creativity extends to music, mostly devotional in nature, as well (though Thomas did play one of his ceramic didgeridoos on There Be Pirates!' album, Drink & the Devil).  They're truly beautiful people, so give them a listen!

Joe Ross

Listen carefully and you may here Joe Ross playing mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, keyboards, and singing - all the way from Oregon. So, what is Joe's connection with the desert, you ask?  Solid.
Steve Brown met Joe when Joe was living in Joshua Tree, working for a contract for the Marine Corps base in Twentynine Palms.  Joe signed the articles and joined Steve's band, There Be Pirates!, and you can hear him on their second album, Pirates in the Desert.
Joe returned to Oregon post-contract, and continues to shred like crazy up Roseburg way.

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